Arekibo deliver Interactive Project for OCO

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Arekibo were recently asked by the Ombudsman for Children’s Office (OCO) to collaborate on an innovative and exciting mutlimedia project. Seeking new ways to encourage children to open up and share their views and experiences, the OCO have kitted out their reception area with a battery of smart new mac books, webcams and microphones. Visiting kids have a threefold option to capture their comments on video, to make an audio recording or to simply type a message. Arekibo were tasked with designing and developing a standalone application which would present these options in an inviting, user-friendly interface and save the users’ input as an ever-expanding, browesable digital repository of young people’s thoughts on rights-related issues. There was also a requirement for an admin area where OCO staff can monitor and edit content.

Arekibo chose to author the piece in Flash as the ideal medium in which to incorporate an engaging mix of branded illustration, animation and backend wizardry. The OCO are delighted with the smart, child-friendly interface and the ease with which users can either contribute their views or browse through the archive of material stored by the application.

The next phase of the project will allow OCO staff members to take the application out on the road as they visit schools up and down the country.

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