Doh! April fool web pranks

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The web is a space where we expect anything can happen. Incomprehensibility, discovery, excitement and anxiety is built to some extent into most peoples’ everyday experience in browsing the web… which makes it great for April Fools day pranks!

Some of this year’s ordinary and geek-tinged (or actually just plain geeky!) April Fools web pranks:

Upside down YouTube

Bjork joins Led Zeppelin

Warner Bros. acquire Pirate Bay

Expanding Wireless networks using Wolf Pigeons

Guardian move to Twitter

Gmail’s Auto Reply service

Save IE 6 campaign

Floating Amazon Cloud Environment

A case of an April Fool about an April Fool was the Washington Post story about the various effects of the (as it turns out apparently harmless) Conficker worm.

Not that all April fools pranks are experienced on the web… even internet consultancies like Arekibo are a target!Yesterday a call came in asking if Arekibo were image consultants, why yes of course we we are! Great said the caller. How can Arekibo help me to lose weight?


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