Is Bing a flash in the pan or the next big thing?

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The search market has always being very competitive with Google always the forerunner. However, with the release of Bing Microsoft’s share of the search market has risen to 9% (up almost 1.6% in a month). Granted it is far too early to judge if this is the start of an upward trend but it is a sizeable chunk of the search market in less than a month.

I performed a search for my local cinema last night (Vue), just like every search engine Bing returned the results in the standard format. I was please to see that Bing hasn’t introduced the “sitelinks” that appear under the results for a Google search, instead Bing provides contextual information and links in a popup when you hover over a result. In my case the contextual result provided me with a brief summary of the top films and links to each movie separately.

Where Bing really shines is with its image search, when you perform a search you have a number of options to pick from to narrow your search down whether it’s the size or colour of the image to its layout and style which is very intuitive for the user.

I am also not a fan of the new “related searches” bar, it’s a personal dislike but I feel that if I perform a specific search then the algorithm should just return the results then always assuming I am looking for something different.

On a personal and an accessibility note, Bing should re-evaluate its colour scheme the number of results returned and the advanced options link are very little colour contrast and is very hard to read for people with deuteranopia (red/green colour blindness).

Either way Bing is the new search engine to watch and has some surprising features that can give Google a fight. Decide for yourself at

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