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Sturdy Products

Arekibo have designed and developed the new website for Sturdy Products ltd.

Sturdy Products are one of Ireland’s leading rotational moulding specialists. Arekibo were commissioned to develop a new website for Sturdy Products and to help them develop their online presence.
A key feature of the new website is the online product catalogue which enables the Sturdy Products team to manage their vast range of products online. Each product has a technical data sheet associated with it.

Sturdy Products have an array of products and services  including excellent products for home and gardenfarm and equestrianconstruction projectsenvironmental and waste management . These products include oil tankswater tankswheelie bins, and some brilliant rain water harvesting systems and don’t forget the rainsaver water butt that every household should have.

The Services Provided included: Web Design, Information Architecture, Online Branding, SEO Content Review.

Visit the new website  – or go directly to their products section.

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