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Here in Arekibo we love Twitter, really we do… But there is also a compulsion to over analyse what is going on with this Social Networking messaging system.What is the end value of having a successful twitter account? Are we fooling ourselves, investing a lot of time in tweeting?

To answer this question we decided on a twitter experiment

The goal was simple; create a successful Twitter account,not Justin Bieber successful, but successful enough! One thousand followers was our target with only one condition, everything needs to be automated, from following, to twitter welcome messages and eventually un-following.

So what was the twitter strategy?

First we looked for a piece of software that could run on a server and allowed for the following..

–          Automatic following of twitter users.

–          Automatic reply to any of our new followers

–          Automatic un-following of users who don’t follow back

–          Automatic tweeting of pre-programmed information

–          Automatic tweeting of unique and new content

We found a match for all these requirements in a piece of software called TweetAdder 3, it’s not free but it’s cheap. For the topic or the “feel” of our twitter accountwe went for ‘humour’.

The twitter account is and it took about 3 months to reach one thousand followers. We had a list of welcoming and standardized tweeter messages and connected to a range of websites with RSS feeds. The RSS feeds provided us with unique content up to ten times a day, the automatic following was based on an automated search for fellow twitter users that used terms like, funny, humour, laughing, hahaha and LOL (Laughing out loud).

The Twitter followers Time Line

The Twitter followers Time Line

Some interesting findings

–          We were added 28 Times to a twitter list

–          When we un-followed all of our followers there was about a 20% loss of followers

–          We received over 15 re-tweets

–          Over 70 Mentions

–          Even though the RSS feeds broke unnoticed for a period of 4 weeks, the followers kept on coming while the tweets became rather “strange”.

Strange Tweets when the automation failed

Strange Tweets when the automation failed

Does more Tweets mean more followers?

From 31st of August till 4th of October it automated 19 Tweets per day (Average Growth of 17 Followers per day)

From 5th October till 28th December it was automated to 8 Tweets per day (Average Growth of 7 Followers per Day

More Tweets ment More Followers

Tweet Volume over 3 Months


Although Twitter is a very social and valuable network, the value lies more in the data mining and brand analyses for Companies and Marketers. Our +1000 followers didn’t really “read” any of our tweets it seems as the system wasn’t working well for over 4 weeks but we kept on seeing new followers. The only systems that seem to actively engage are those that are automated, if you want to engage on twitter for your company you should decide the following first.

–          What do I want to get out of it?

–          How much time can I afford on creating tweets and unique content?

–          How genuine is the follower base?

If you need any help with your digital strategies why not get in touch with Arekibo today!

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