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Tracking Social Media Campaigns

Engaging with potential clients on Social Media can be a very expensive and time consuming effort for your business. However many companies have a problem with measuring how effective their social media activity is and if it’s actually helping their company grow.

For example Google Analytics already has a few “social” elements built in which can tell you how many hits came from which platform.


However the problems with these statistics are that you cannot tell which particular post or tweet drove traffic to your website.

Being able to measure the effectiveness of a Social Media campaign draws a much clearer picture of what is working and what isn’t and with the Google URL Builder tool you can draw that clearer picture.

So what is the Google URL Builder (Link)

This tool allows you to generate a “track-able” link which triggers Google Analytics to record custom variables you provide. If for example you post a link to your website on a Facebook page then Analytics will record that as a referral coming from Facebook, nothing more.

Let’s change this by using the URL builder

Website URL: (Page on your site you wish to link to)

Campaign Source: Facebook

Campaign Medium: FB-Post

Campaign Term: **Leave Empty**

Campaign Content: Post about Puppies-4AM ( I like to use Timestamps as sometimes I repost the same content but at different times )

Campaign Name: Facebook-Summer-Campaign

url builder

After I pressed Submit I can see the custom URL that was generated:

The long URL that has been generated can then be sorted using a URL shortener like or which would make it looks like this:

Now I have my track-able link and I can submit my post on Facebook: image

So what are the benefits of doing this extra work? Well first of all let’s check out Google Analytics after I clicked the link.

If you go to your Analytics Dashboard > Traffic Sources  > Sources > Campaigns you will see the clicks and effects of that particular post in action.

analytics result

The beauty of this is that now you can tie in Google Analytics Goals and Conversions around these particular events which will give you a direct link between Social Media and Return on Investment!

In our next blog post we will look at getting the most of Facebook and its visitor’s insights. For now if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch directly via antonieg at arekibo dot com.

Thank you to Johnny Ainsworth – Designed by Zouny - Image under Creative Commons license

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