Twelve things we learned at the Dublin Web Summit #dws6

DSW - Dublin Web Summit

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With a dozen speakers and over one thousand attendees Paddy Cosgrave’s Dublin Web Summit (Read our live tweets here) was an amazing demonstration of the vitality of Ireland’s tech sector. It is most certainly for this reason that so many of the speakers, Paddy included, used this platform to make some interesting and significant announcements.

So, here are some of the 12 most interesting things we learned today, in reverse order.

12. In-video ads are here to stay, but they will become more personal (& 49.2% of Internet traffic is streamed media) (@emigal).

11. In the United States there are 2 million farmers – Zenga has 44 million farmers on FarmVille (@marcussegal of @Zynga).

10. According to Eamon Leonard, @eamonleonard, developing a start up is like forming a band.

9. Start ups should collaborate with industry peers, including competitors (@eamonleonard)

8. The news bulletin is not dead; produces three alerts a day, in the morning for commuters, in the afternoon for office workers, and in the evening for users on their smartphones (@jenoconnell of @thejournal_ie).

7. Video advertising is the largest market in the world (@emigal).

6. Tariq Krim, @tariqkrim, says European tech start ups can compete with US companies, Spotify is a great example of this.

5. The browser wars are heating up again – Microsoft’s objective is to make Internet Explorer the best browser on the market (@mdowney).

4. The seventh Dublin Web Summit will take place over two days, on October 27 and 28 2011, and will rival the biggest tech conferences of Europe (@paddycosgrave).

3. Windows 8 will allow PC developers to create feature rich apps in HTML5 (@mdowney).

2. Paddy Cosgrave’s new start up,, is going into beta (@paddycosgrave).

1. The IDA was instrumental in bringing Zenga to Dublin (@marcussegal of @Zynga).

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