Who to follow on Twitter….


Susan Hallam has written a post on her blog outlining the who’s who of twittering for the digital marketing world (hopefully someday Arekibo will make that list)
I began to wonder what Irish companies are twittering and who the Irish who’s who of Twittering….

Upon googling the term “Irish companies on twitter,” I came across Damien Mulley’s post on Irish company’s on twitter…

(I  am delighted to know that I was on the same wavelength as him…. ;-) ) The post was written over a year ago and some of the comments on his post have some great ideas. I particularly liked the suggestion for AA to twitter road traffic problems announcements. This suggestion is still relevant today.
If anyone wants to add to the wish list of useful ways of using twitter in everyday life – feel free to add to the list here….
Don’t forget you can follow Arekibo on Twitter …..

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