8 AdWords Announcements at the Google Performance Summit ’16

8 AdWords Announcements at the Google Performance Summit '16

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Yesterday evening at the Google Performance Summit 2016, Google announced some exciting new features and changes to their core advertising product, Google AdWords.  The subject matter of this event surrounded the now “mobile-first world” where Google stated the shift to mobile is now here. Over  50% of searches on Google now happen on mobile devices and ⅓ of those searches are location related. Some exciting changes and new features have been added including a complete redesign of the AdWords user interface, changes in bidding, ads and targeting.

Below we share the key advertising takeaways from the event for anyone who missed it.

  1. Expanded Text Ads on Mobile in Google Search

Google are now introducing longer headlines to mobile users and expanding the number of characters within the description. After testing they found that it increased CTR’s of over 20%. These two changes are giving advertisers nearly 50% more text to play with.

google text ad changes

Google Mobile Text Ad Updates

  1. Responsive Display Ads for Google Display Network

Instead of designing numerous renditions of the same image ad soon all you will need to do is give Google a headline, description, image, URL and Google will create ads that will fit any web page or app on the Google Display Network.

  1. Ability to target and apply bid adjustments by desktop, mobile AND now tablet

Before we could only analyse data across each device. In the near future we will be able to target and adjust bids to each type of device – We can customise for tablet users. This is a big factor as tablet users tend to buy more frequently than mobile or desktop.

  1. Ads in Google Maps

Over the past year Google Maps has developed some new features such as reviews, real-time transit information and popular times. Google is now introducing ads in Google Maps properties – Google.com, Maps app and desktop, mobile and tablet websites. This will include:

  • A promoted/branded pin on the visual map
  • Text ad in the list result
  • A customisable business page where retailers can include local inventory information and in-store promotions and discounts to encourage in-store visits.
Google Map Ads and Business page

Ads in Maps : promoted pin and business page

  1. Expanding Google Display Network

Google is expanding the Google Display Network to more apps and websites.

  1. Demographic targeting for Search Ads

Demographics for Google Search Ads will soon be an available type of audience targeting for Search campaigns.

  1. Similar Audiences for Search Ads

Every marketer knows re-marketing is a valuable tool – Google’s similar audiences looks at data about your existing re-marketing audiences and finds new users who share the same interests. They are now bringing this to Google search.

  1. Google AdWords Redesign

In 2017 Google AdWords will have a completely new user interface, they are implementing three design principles for the new AdWords experience.These include:

  • Visual Change – There will be a completely new homepage showcasing insights and opportunities that matter to you.
  • Focus on your business – There will be a new campaign creation flow which will help specify the actions you want to drive.
  • Remove the clutter –  In order to help the user achieve more in less time

We’re excited to see these new changes implemented and are looking forward to incorporating them into our client’s advertising strategies. To see the full range of features plus some additional Google Suite 360 announcements  yesterday, watch the Google Performance Summit keynote here.

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