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Tady is an Information Architect and UX/UI developer for Arekibo. He has a front-end background, working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Tady is also an active member of the HTML5/CSS3 community, contributing to the HTML5 Gallery as a co-curator. He has also spoken at Refresh Dublin about web accessibility. In his spare time, Tady enjoys taking photos and shouting for Munster rugby!


Nothing worse than a bad KISSER – Part 1

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As part of 3XE Digital‘s “Content in Social Media” event on May 11th, 2018, Arekibo were invited to participate. Tady spoke about keeping it sweet and simple in social media. In the next couple of blog posts, Tady recounts his talk for you here.   What is social media? When...


Gaming UX

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“If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?!” Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall From a very young age, we’re brought up with a sense of reward. We are taught (rightly or wrongly)...


Emotive UI

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I was having lunch lately with Martin, our MD and our conversation turned to fitness, or if you like, our concern with our ages and the need to stay active. We discussed the various apps and trackers we use to monitor “how we’re doing”. Martin showed me an app that...

The EU Cookie Monster

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You’ve seen them; in fact, your site probably has one. A large banner or pop-up that warns users that your site uses cookies and allows the user to opt-in (or out) of accepting cookies from your site. They’re ugly, right? Ok, we’re in agreement here, so why do we need...

The State of Chrome on Mobile

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When attending Beyond Tellerrand in Dusseldorf, one of the speakers was Peter-Paul Koch (lovingly known as PPK). He spoke about the state of Chrome on Mobile, or as he called it “Chromia” (a derived plural of Chromium). It really was a fascinating talk in that it very quickly became clear...

Beyond Tellerrand – Düsseldorf 2015

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As someone who lives and breathes the technologies that drive the web forward, I always enjoy attending conferences. In my early years, I didn’t understand their worth. Even today, some conferences are exorbitantly expensive and I find myself finding it difficult to justify the cost of the ticket, regardless of...

Steve Jobs


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Information Architect, Tady Walsh, writes for Arekibo on the passing of Steve Jobs....


reMIX 2011 – RDS Dublin

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Last Thursday, a few members of Arekibo went along to the user experience (UX) path of Microsoft’s reMIX 2011 at the RDS. MIX is an annual Microsoft event which takes place in Las Vegas, and the 2011 event was held there earlier this year. Given the distance Las Vegas is...

24 The Web


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Last weekend I took part in an event called 24theweb. The object of this event was two-fold: to produce quality websites for charities within a limited timeframe and to draw attention to the process of producing a website (the work and effort involved). Twenty-one volunteers piled into Rothco last Saturday...

How not to launch a website

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Arekibo had the honour of working on the recent website for the government which was launched under the banner of Merrion Street, an idea gleaned from where the Dáil Offices are based. This launch received much national attention in the media and drew much attention to the government’s efforts to...


The Art of Blogging Badly

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I realised the other day that I hadn’t written a blog post in a while. I questioned myself as to why that was the case and there are a number of factors. Being very busy at work definitely counts. Being late to the party with stuff that interests me. Having...