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We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with ESB to deliver their new corporate site. This project was a great opportunity to provide ESB with more flexibility and control over their website and to work with the team to help them realise and create the message they wanted to communicate to the many people that engage with ESB each year. Seeing the whole strategy come together in the new site is a great achievement for the whole team at ESB and here at Arekibo.

While working on the strategy and design for the new site, there was some types of information that ESB wished to present in a more visual way and to provide a different user experience than before. Arekibo created an interactive history timeline which allows ESB to share their history through video, imagery and text, while allowing the user to select a time period and browse through the information. Another feature of this site is the generation asset map, which allows ESB to visually represent their many assets across the Republic of Ireland and the UK, while also providing historical and technical information on each station.