Knowledge gaps and managing digital data in 2015

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New research from Arekibo reports on the current usage and application of analytics in Ireland today and identifies knowledge gaps as a concern for many digital executives.

After interviewing a targeted sample of 30 senior digital executives from Ireland’s most successful public and private enterprises, our research has uncovered a number of interesting issues on the usage, role and future of analytics. These findings enable us to gain a solid insight into what is being done right now and what can be done to ensure marketers get the most from their analytics platform.

How important is digital data?

From our report, 90% of respondents said that they judged digital data as being very important. Without the requisite expertise, however, achieving goals in this area will be very difficult. When we asked our panel ‘does your team have the knowledge and expertise to analyse your data’, just 17% responded ‘yes’. Thirteen percent said they required training, while 70% admitted that there were knowledge gaps.

Such knowledge gaps are preventing many executives and organisations from achieving their potential. Tailored training programmes produced specifically for an organisation will enable team members to not only learn how to analyse their own data but will also open up numerous possibilities regarding what can be achieved with this information.

Getting the maximum from resources

The very nature of analytics is about getting the absolute maximum from your digital resources. By assessing and testing your own content, systems and methodologies, you will not only fix what needs fixing, you will also build a strategy and a formula for the short and long term. In this context, we believe many organisations are not getting the best from their internal resources. Our research found that 60% of people who analyse the data in an organisation work in marketing roles, with just 10% based in the IT department. Internal collaboration has the potential to play a key role.

The collaborative approach involves identifying current competencies, pinpointing knowledge gaps and working to the strengths of available personnel. The skills required to define and implement a successful measurement strategy can be categorised under two headings: business skills and technical skills. By merging teams from more than one department, you’ll arrive at the right mix for your organisation.

To read our report in full, email for an electronic copy.

Arekibo is a full service digital agency and has designed and directed analytics and measurement strategies for some of Ireland’s biggest organisations.