Stop wasting your online resources – why a performance audit should be a priority

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Our survey earlier this year indicated that many Irish companies are missing out on some crucial digital intelligence by not conducting a web site performance audit regularly. The information that can be taken from a web performance audit can offer a company so much insight. From statistics on technical performance to SEO intelligence and more, this is the type of insight every marketer should have.

In our quarterly research review from January 2015 entitled Digital Data and Your Business, we asked a range of questions related to analytics and digital data. When we asked the question, ‘when was the last time you had a performance audit of your website?’, 64% of respondents reported that they had one within the last six months. And 25% said they have not done one in over a year – which is certainly short of best-practice. Most worryingly, 11% told us that they have never completed a performance audit on their website.

At Arekibo, we have substantial experience in carrying out digital audits and have identified valuable insights for our customers over the years. It is our fear that 36% of organisations in Ireland do not believe these audits can offer them real gains and we would argue that a regular audit can offer them so much. It can tell them what areas of their online presence require work and what work needs to be done.

  • Work on your website performance – a solid audit will give you the chance to assess the technical structure and foundation of your website. Is your site robust enough to handle the current traffic levels? In terms of loading page speed, how does your site compare to best-practice levels? An audit will also indicate how visible your site is to search engines. And finding out where you stand from a UX perspective is vital. An intelligent audit will show how intuitive people find your site to be and this will alert you as to how to make it easier to use and navigate.
  • Work on your SEO – an audit detailing SEO performance will give you a crucial insight in to what changes are required to attract and convert visitors through organic search. For example, a full audit will detail the keywords you use and the way your content is presented. It will also identify how you assign keywords to images, site meta data, internal links and more.
  • Work on conversions– in an era where content marketing is accepted as a valued lead generation tool, it makes sense that a method of assessing and analysing the effectiveness of your site in terms of attracting and converting leads should be a priority By using a robust methodology, your audit should be able to identify what calls-to-action are working and what pages need more productive commands. An audit will also tell you what pages, and by extension topics are leading to conversions and what needs to be focussed on, to a greater degree.

When it comes to performance audits, our message is straightforward. Not doing one is simply a waste of resources. Completing one will certainly improve your website and the online experience for your customer, and this is highly likely to produce conversions and customers.

Don’t be part of the 36% who misuse their resources. Talk to us today about a performance audit for your site. And to get a full copy of our report Digital Data and Your Business, email us at today.