The LinkedIn Top 100 users of Ireland for 2012

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Did your profile get in the LinkedIn Top 100 for Ireland?

Last year we looked at the Top 100 LinkedIn users in Ireland based on Google’s search algorithm. Now we are looking at it again to see if there have been any movers and shakers.

Google LinkedIn Top 100 Search results

Searching for LinkedIn

Google bases it’s search result on Authority, Relevancy and many more factors so by changing the search string slightly we have a Top 100 LinkedIn users in Ireland

Here is the Top 100 LinkedIn Users in Ireland for 2012.

Top 1 – 10 of users profiles
1.Krishna De – Ireland | LinkedIn
2.Frank Hannigan – Ireland | LinkedIn
3.Ivan Walsh – Ireland | LinkedIn
4.Michele Neylon – Ireland | LinkedIn
5.Scott Dylan – Ireland | LinkedIn
6.Alexandre Passant – Ireland | LinkedIn
7.Marie Wallace – Ireland | LinkedIn
8.Steve Simpson – Ireland | LinkedIn
9.Greg Fry – Ireland | LinkedIn
10.Martha Rotter – Ireland | LinkedIn

For the full top 100 results just click this link