The end of 2010 is near so lets laugh at the top 12 fails on the web


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Every month of 2010 had some kind of fail so instead of you having to spend hours and hours searching youtube and the web here are the top 12 !.

January – The month of the unbreakable phone…. that broke

February – When Melissa didn’t want to get married

March – Doing everything possible to reduce the gas bill

April – She just needed a hand…

May – Just don’t forget the blue berries.. (at around to the 40s mark)

June – Dog eat eeuh Car?

July – He was so close…

August – Bieber got biebered…

September – Never keep your eye of the ball sir !

October – Kimberly never learned to count

November – * No comment *

December – Snow can be very disorientating

Happy Holidays !