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The X Communications Story

X Communications was one of Ireland’s first web agencies, starting off as a campus company in TCD in 1994. In 2013, it was acquired by Arekibo and has now been re-launched as Ireland’s only dedicated user testing agency!

So what’s the big deal? Well, we have heard from Irish industry that though digital products (websites, portals, apps etc…) are increasingly being recognised as business-critical, making sure that they are achieving their end-user and business goals can often be a precarious and haphazard journey.

X Communications can help your organisation in three ways (click for more details):


product strategy.png2



product validation

product evaluation

As part of user testing, you need users. X Communications is actively recruiting user testers from all ages to test digital products – and you’re paid for your time too – sign up here

One last thing, we’re running a launch competition where one lucky company wins a free UX audit. So why not give it a go here – best of luck!!!

For more information, please visit: www.xcommunications.ie